Polymer And Copper Pendant DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be constructing a split bezel & tab setting for a straight sided, angular shape. The flat shape will be made out of a multicolored piece of polymer clay. As an alternative you can substitute the polymer piece for a torch fired enamel piece. The project can also be turned into a solder-less piece using "cold connections “. The instructions for a customized stainless steel cable necklace with matching clasp are also included in the step-by-step instructions. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 11 pages, 29 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! For beginner skill students.
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You will learn:

  •    How to cut sheet metal with a jeweler’s saw
  •    How to use square disk cutters
  •    How to texture metal with stamps
  •    How to make a split wall bezel
  •    Tab setting a flat element
  •    Cutting copper tubing
  •    Soldering and copper plating
  •    Patina application
  •    How to make a double stainless steel cable necklace with a clasp that matches your pendant.
  •    How to turn this project into a solder-less piece using cold connections.
  •    How to condition and work with polymer clay


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