Anticlastic Sterling Silver Ring DIY Tutorial

An anticlastic shape is one that curves around two axes, the best example of this shape is the surface of a saddle. Anticlastic shapes are structurally rigid but light weighed pieces, making them ideal for jewelry making. This project will introduce you to anticlastic raising, which tools you need and how to use them to shape a beautiful one-of-a-kind ring. The wide adjustable band of the ring shank is perfect for stamping or hammering lots of texture! You can make the ring in Silver or copper, copper looks special good with green stones. The use of a calibrated stone and pre-made commercial bezel cup makes this a good beginner’s soldering project. This was a best selling metalworking class at the Bead & Button show. The small anticlastic stake and mallet combo, the soldering locking head & shank tweezers, calibrated cabochons & bezel cups used in this tutorial are available for purchase in the tools & materials area of the website. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. it is 8 pages long and has 19 photos.
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Torch Fired Pendant II DIY Tutorial

Master a new, very exiting and fast way to enamel copper. The fired enamel colors are beautifully vibrant and each piece will be unique. Torch firing is addictive, you can never make only one piece ! Using the same enamels in different proportion or sifting sequence can give you very different results. Check the picture!, these are the same blues and greens on both pieces! Learn to make an artisan sterling silver and enamel pendant. Inside tab settings are an easy way to set your beautiful torch fired cabochon. Fabricating this type of setting involves cutting and piercing with a jeweler’s saw, drilling pilot holes, filing ,sanding and soldering. The project can be modified to be solder-less, but after torch firing, who is going to be scared of a tiny bit of soldering? Texturing with stamps and the use of liver os sulfur patina on the silver gives you another way to personalize your project. This tutorial will guide you through all these steps with photos and many tips to make everything easier. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 10 pages, 29 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students (torch use experience recommended)

Torch Fired Pendant IV DIY Tutorial

Torch firing offers a cheap and fast way of trying your hand at enameling. There are many techniques to try out, the colors are bright and eye catching, the combinations infinite,what is not to like? Fabricate a simple and effective sterling silver prong setting for your torch-fired enamel piece. The result will be a one-of-a-kind conversation starter. Included you will find instruction for the Sgraffito enameling method used on the photo and how-to steps for the fabrication of the backing piece. The fabrication of the backing will cover texturing with hammers, making and soldering prongs, cutting jump rings and patina application. You will also learn how to make a cable neck wire for your pendant. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 12 pages, 33 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students (torch use experience recommended)

Reticulated Silver Over Copper Cuff DIY Tutorial

Reticulated silver over copper cuff with foldformed cabochon. Reticulation is a process in which silver is made to buckle in to ridges and valleys adding a very interesting and strong surface texture to the metal. This method produces one-of-a-kind pieces, very dramatic and organic looking. Foldforming, a relatively new way of manipulating metal is another technique that gives a very interesting surface to metal. Our cuff will have as a focal piece a foldformed cabochon, treated with chemical patinas to achieve a deep rich blue-green color. The cabochon will be attached with a riveted setting onto the reticulated cuff. This is a perfect project to recycle all your sterling silver scraps cutouts. This is a project for the intermediate to advanced student. It requires the use of an acetylene torch with a big tip. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 18 pages, 59 photos and plenty of tips!