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Jewelry making TIPJEW0001 - Craft foam your new best friend in the jewelry studio!

1.- Use Craft foam in between your dapping block and your textured metal to preserve the texture while forming.

2-If you are using wood dapping blocks and punches, wood scratches pretty easily against textured metal.

To avoid this, sandwich your piece of metal between 2 pieces of foam.

 This will protect the wood of both the punch and the dapping block from scratching.

3-Cut a couple of foam disk with the disk cutter in different sizes.


4-Keep the cut foam circles in the dapping block box.

5-Use a piece of foam under your steel block to protect the table surface.

6-if you store your hammers all in the same drawer or are traveling to a class, wrap your expensive hammers heads in craft foam sheet squares with rubber bands to protect them.

7-when shaping a cuff over a Mandrel, it’s easier to lay it over a piece of craft foam, to protect the finish of the front of the cuff while shaping the ends down close.

8-If you work over a dark surface table. Use a piece of white craft foam on the table over your working space, you will see what you are doing better, and find the different parts for your piece faster. 


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